Sunday, October 24, 2010

Horsing Around

This weekend I went to visit Mom at here horse show in Bushnell. The first day included dressage and cones and the second day was hazards. I went on Saturday and rode with her during cones as her navigator which I discovered means you can't do anything except sit there. No talking allowed or you are disqualified. There were 18 cones to go through and no way we were going to remember the course so it really didn't matter if we talked because we got lost a few times. Heidi did great though and it was fun. Most of the other carts canter through the course, but thankfully since Mom is in the training level they only jog.

A picture of Heidi, Mom, and I after the cones course.

A great picture of Mom and Heidi during Dressage.

Another good picture of Heidi and Mom during Dressage.

This is Lauren and Grande during the cones course and that is Mom holding on the back. Lauren owns the barn where Mom stables Heidi. Grande is an Irish Draft and very large. They were going pretty fast.

Gypsy Vanners are one of my favorite horses. They are the original horses to the Gyspies and supposed to be very mild-mannered. Here are pictures of the gypsy at the show.