Thursday, January 15, 2009

We're Engaged!

Okay, so I have been lax about blogging. I will admit that I am not as good as this as my sisters. Everyone has asked how he asked so here we go...
On Friday, Dec 11th we went to Orlando to Cirque de Solei - La Nouba at Downtown Disney. It was a great show and the performers really are athletes.

Next we went to dinner at Gaylord Palms which turns out to be where we were staying as well. We have a friend we use to work with who is a chef. Thanks for everything Rob! We were seated in a very nice quiet corner with a beautiful view of the conservatory. Rob met up with us and brought us a special plate of shrimp he had made. He also told us he upgrade our room. After he left a Spanish guitar player came over and sang a love song. Now, keep in mind it is 9:30 at night, my food is sitting in front of me for 15 minutes and I am hungry. I am ready to eat, but Luke seemed to have other plans. At that point, I could tell he was going even more serious on me and after taking my hand he asked me to marry him. He couldn't get down on his knees because we didn't have enough room. After a few seconds, once the shock wore off I said yes and the rest is history. Did I mention I told him not to ask me in a restaurant. Oh well, I was just glad he asked.

Our room was great. We were in one of the presidential suites. It was as big if not bigger than our apartment. Saturday we went to the spa where we had a mush needed massage. It was the most relaxing, wonderful weekend.

Allison took this picture Christmas Day at the Farm. It was really warm and didn't really feel like Christmas.

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