Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009: Part I

For Christmas 2009 we went to Massachusetts to visit Luke's family. We left Wednesday and returned the following Monday. Here are a few pictures of the great time we had. Allison, Jason, and Ruby also drove up from DC. It was nice to have more siblings around.

Here is the traffic as we got into DC. It took us about 18 hours to get there and 24 coming home. It was a very long trip, but we always enjoy visiting family, so it is worth it.

Ruby was really funny in the snow. She is trying to catch all the little pieces.

We went hiking. There wasn't much snow in Massachusetts, but because they live higher in the mountains, we were fortunate enough to have a white Christmas.

A very photogenic Ruby.

Luke is trying to tell a story with Newton upside down trying to get his attention.


Luke's Mom made me this really cute hat last year.

This was the beautiful Christmas tree. It was covered in presents, but I forgot to take a picture. Luke's Dad made the chest in the front of the tree for our wedding present. It is beautiful and lined with cedar. It will hold most of our blankets I am sure.

A fridendly game of wii bowling.

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