Monday, August 24, 2009

Honeymoon: Day 2

Monday, August 24th

We decided to go down to Bahia Honda State Park on Big Pine. Big Pine is the group of Islands jsut above Key West, so it is pretty far down there. We were supposed to go on a snorkel trip to Looe Key which I was super excited about, but after my steller performance on the glass bottom boat yesterday we decided not to go. I didn't really want to be stuck in the middle of the ocean with motion sickness for 2.5 hours with no relief. We decided to rent a tandem kayak and paddle to a small island and snorkel around it.

Luke after snorkeling. We went back to this beach after snorkeled off the island. The light colored water is sand on the bottom and the dark areas are sea grass. Both had little fish.

Me getting ready to snorkel for the second time. Because we weren't snorkelling in bouyed areas we had to have a divers down flag which Luke so wonderfully lugged around all day on his ankle.

View of ocean.

This is the little island we kayaked to and snorkelled around. We snorkelled on the left front side. It wasn't Looe Key, but we did see a lot of different fish. Some were small and bright pinks, yellows, and blues, and others were spotted and looked like the ocean floor. Most of the waters we were in were less than 5 feet and most were more like 3 feet.

Coconut palm.

Island again. These are views from the Bahia Honda bridge.

Views of coean and island in the distance. We kayaked from the somewhere on the left you can't see. It was a pretty good paddle.

The gulf side of the Key that we did not swim on.

More coconut palms. We might go back and snorkel in this area.

Our island one more time! Isn't it pretty!?

I was very proud of myself for snorkelling. I actually did very well. It is much easier to snorkel when you don't have a broken elbow or are in the middle of the Indian Ocean. These were my two previous snorkeling experiences. The ocean current was strong, but it was fun.

View of Bahia Honda.

We kayaked over that!

More coconut palms. I miss coconut palms.

The happy couple.

Our little island again.

One more time.

Views from the bridge.

The bridge is only open for a small strech. The rest was left. It was kind of spooky. We did see some very, very large fish at the bottom of the bridge. I think they were probably lemon or nurse sharks. They were moving very slowly and had large heads.

The top of the bridge. It looks like it has been left for a while.

View looking back at the island.

Another view of Bahia Honda.

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